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ok! here's my report:

- 8rga+ revision 0.6 (using integrated graphics)
- 2x256Mb adata (winbond bh-5) ddr
- macase 300W ps ("P4 type" with add. 12V connector)
- axp 2100+ (tb-b)

- there were no usb additional usb cables with connectors in the box
- with 12/2/03 bios this board was unusable even at 166MHz
- with new bios i can get to 200MHz at 1.8V vdd, 210MHz is not possible even with 2.0V vdd
- there is annoying screen with "flash bios: don't turn off or reset your system ....) with the nevest bios every time you chanege fsb in bios. and it needs to reset itself twice to let you load OS. why is one reset not enough anymore?
- cold boot issues. if i power down the system in 90% it won't boot anymore unles i unplug the power cable and let it rest for a few minutes. after that it is 50:50 success in booting. when the cold boot gremlin kicks in all i get after switching the power on is power led but nothing else starts. not even a blink at debug LED.
- vcore undervolts and is way more unstable than that on 8rda+
- vdimm undervolts less than 8rda+
- vdd overvolts (1.62V), my 8rda+ had 1.56V

before i had 8rda+ and gf2 ti (wish i never switched to 8rga+) and never had any problem with cold boots. my +12V rail is 11.95V and +5V is 5.10V. cold boot issue is not related to cpu/fsb/mem frequency or voltages. same for highly overclocked settings or for stock speeds.
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