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my 2400+ works now on 13*166=2170 with vcore=1.65
i use cpuidle to lower temperature (40/41 deg on 99% idle) - but i have 54-57 deg on full power (ut2003)
with 13.5*166 i got ~60 deg on full power - this is too much for me.
i have a hhc-L61 heatpipe (coolermaster, 3000rpm) and 3 case fans on ~1000 rpm (low noise).
Board is an epox 8k9a3+
Greets, Brummelchen

8k9a3+, AthlonTB 2400+, 512 Samsung DDR333, Terratec DMX xFire 1024, Maxtor 60gb/7200 on ATA-RAID, Enermax 365AX, DVD SD-1612, LiteOn 32*12*4
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