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Epox 8KHA+ Vcore mod Issue!! (Epox Tech help!!)

Thanks in advance guys!!!

Now after running my XP1900+ for a few hours at default speed I decided to increase the FSB to 150 which gave me a reading of 1800Mhz. Now my Vcore mod on my Epox 8KHA+ was completed several weeks ago. My problem is, whenever I increase my Vcore to 2.05+ my system will load into XP no problem and I can play games for 30-minutes to 1 hour after that the machine reboots. Now if I increase the Vcore to 2.1volts it will load into XP but opening a intensive application will cause the machine to reboot. I then tried it with a lower Vcore setting at it ran again for 30 to 1 hour duration before rebooting. Whats the reason for this???
Also for your information I have a Sparkle 400Watt PSU modified to provide a high 5volt and 3.3 volt lines.

Please help because I know this chip can do 1.85Ghz+!!!!

Please note the machine operates fawlessly with a Vcore of 2.01 volts and I have experienced no reboots.

I have a 220 linear pot connected to pin2 and this is earthed too my drive bay lever................

Thanks for all your help!!!

Anyone experiencing the same problem I'm having???
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