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Re: 8k3a

Originally posted by bldegle2
forget about multi's 14 and 14.5, also, the 7.5 choice it a real p.sser, 22x only,...
Okay, thats about where you lost me

See if I can work this out. Lets say I use FSB of 150. Select multi of 8 which gives 8+8 working at 2.4GHz? Is that basically it?

But if I drop to 133 then its 8 + 8+7 =23 or 3059

What happens if I drop the fsb further. Bear in mind that what I want most on this box is cpu speed for FAH. For example if I drop to 100 does the X +8+7 still apply?

Thanks for pointing this out baldy

Edit: I suppose I could just leave it at about 150X15 but I would have preferred to leave the PCI more or less in spec.
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