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KDFold Linux & Windows V6 Beta 8 F@H 1,2,3 G@H 1,2(F@H3) DF & F-A-D

WinKDFold (Windows) V6.0 Beta 8 F@H 1,2,3 G@H 1,2(F@H3) DF & F-A-D
LinKDFold (Linux) V6.0 Beta 8 F@H 1,2,3 G@H 1,2(F@H3) DF & F-A-D

Release 6.0 Beta 8 03/10/2003
Monitor Multiple Projects and Clients from one application instance-
KDFold Currently Supports- Folding@home 1,2,3 & G@H 1,2(F@H3) F@H & G@H
Autoswitching in newer clients & Distributed Folding & Find-A-Drug

Winkdfold V6b8-
1.Corrected minor interface issues.
2.Fixed reported errors.

LinKDFold V6b8-
1.Added point values to Main view, Quick Stats, Stat Files and html files.
2.Fixed support for new Genome cores.
3.Corrected DF issues.
4.Updated all source fix's applied to winkdfold.

There are quite a few very good user suggestions for DF, FAD and stats that are on
my to do list. I have not forgotten I have just been busy.

Check the forums to keep current on KDFold News or report errors or make a

Winkdfoldv6.0 beta 8(Windows)-
Rolled Up-

Main View-

Quick Stats View-

Download WinKDFold v6.0 beta 8(Windows)-

Linkdfoldv6.0 beta 8(Linux)-

Main View-

Quick Stats View-

Download LinKDFold v6.0 beta 8(Linux)-

Download LinKDFold v6.0 beta 8 EXE Only (Linux)-

Download LinKDFold(Linux) install script-
The script is inside the .tgz file but this may help some

Install Example-
./ linkdfoldv6b8.tgz

Home Page-

Download Point Files-
Dat Version-
Zip Version-

Support Forum-

Have fun,
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