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Oops, I broke another PSU...

Yeah, yeah. I'm sure you've all heard it before. Chalk up another dead PSU. Once again, the manufacturers ratings turned out to be rather optimistic for the parts they'd used in the PSU. Scratch two more schottky diodes. Both regulate the 5V line.

My guess is that one of them failed open circuit, shunting the whole load into the second. The second didn't really like the idea of that and rapidly turned itself into a bit of wire. Down went the PSU.

Now, I'm going to have to order another pair. Fortunately, a higher spec pair will only set me back around $3. Hence, I'm going to uprate two sets of parts. Replacing the original pair of diodes on the 5V line, and replacing the other pair of diodes on the 12V line. I may also purchase a couple of spares to fix that other PSU that's still dead.

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