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Question 8RDA+ sound&memory problems?


1. I have a 4 speaker config. right now and beside 3d Mark 2003 sound test I cannot make any difference between front or rear speakers. For ex. I installed IGI2 and I chosed 4 speaker and also EAX but there is no difference, what I hear in front speakers I hear the same in rear. Please Help!
2. I have MT pc 2700 modules 2x256 and when the memory bus is 166 the pc crashes. I solved this problem using the auto setting and I could see that the memory bus was lowered at 133. Why is this happening?

EPOX 8RDA+, 2X256 MT PC2700, GF4 TI 4200, 40GB MAXTOR ATA133, 3DMON TV TUNER....10500 IN 3DMARK 2001:-D
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