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Total memory= 512MB memsettings 5,3,2,2 in all tests
Didn't try with just one stick of memory.
some disagree, but the abit nf7 for example if you use 1+2 dimm and not "3" you'll see a 200-500 point increase in 3dmark switch you didn't see.. My a7n8x asus and this epox yeild results almost identical as long as I use "ANY" two slots.. thus DC is 1+2 1+3 or 2+3.. as long as to slots are used DC is on. The downfall of not using the "3" slot (1+2 only) is maybe 50 points in 3dmark.. To be honest some of my fastest 3dmark scores came out of using slots 1+2 only no slot "3" witch is supposly the DC slot.
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