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Not trying to disausde you from benchmarking, BUT the statement was/is true, although your card run's at a a slower clock speed, it's offers more advanced graphics features then the 8500 series. Don't get me wrong, for pure frame rate madness, the 8500 is technically faster then the 9000 (I have one I bought new few years ago in closet) BUT what's important is the HOURS of enjoyment playing $50 games. Not the 7min of stress running a Free demo (you can't even play it) And all the while your praying your overclocked system/card get's through 3DMark2003 just to get those few extra points. Sure you can be proud of your score, but there's always some lunatic out there with too much money, and access to Liquid Nitrogen who'll beat everyone's score, so it's all relative? How much will be enough?

That's why reviewers use UT3, Serious Sam, Return to Castle..., Jedi Knight II, Quake III. etc in their reveiws. Otherwise thye would employ 3DMark2003 and nothing else. Besides 3DMarl2001SE is amore accurate measurement of current standards anyway. DX9 is a future becnhmark. Can you name the number of games currently running under DX9 besides the demo? If my Tyan Tachyon 9700 Pro were to be RMA;d right now, I'd pull out my Radeon 8500, instead of my Leadtek GF4 Ti4400, even thought the Leadtek smokes the radeon in FPS, because the ATI core is more advanced, and LOOK's better! Just like your ATI core is more advanced then it's predecessor.
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