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same problem here alluded to in thread I posted a few minutes ago here...Can you Epox guys help here?
My 8KHA+/1800xp runs great at 1770 at 2.03v with a 250k ohm resistor for the vcore mod. if I give it the slgihtest bit more voltage(1 fsb higher), all hell breaks loose with random reboots, or won't boot at all (dies trying to get in Win2k). Prime95 will kill it immediately and reboot the system at anything higher fsb/voltage-wise. And this can be with the temp showing 35c. I can run 1770 Prime95 all day long and hit 38c for hours with no problems.

Don't think it's heat related as I run 35c idle and 38c load using onboard thermistor on pretty well cooled watercooled system.

Currently at 24c sys temp and 34c proc temp. I just know this chip has alot more than 1770 in it.

And yes, I am plagued with the reboot/use rest button issue as well.

1800XP @ 1.79 at 2.03v on liquid
Epox 8KHA+ Running 11.5x156
Visiontek GeForce3 Ti500 @ 280/615 - 72 watt Pelt
256 Megs Corsair XMS2400
Win2K Pro
3DMark2001 - Exactly 10,000 Default
Quake3 FPS - Plenty
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