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newbie overclocking questions..

ok, Im ordering 1 stick of 512mb of pc3200 TwinMOS RAM, and I have never OC'ed past 140 FSB before. I just havent had the luck.

since im getting this ram, Im pretty sure I'll be able to get around 200 FSB. My question is, what all do I need to change in BIOS for this to work properly, wihtout having other things fail?

When I get past 166, doesnt some "PCI/AGP" or sumthin intefere (excuse me if Im wayyy off), and I need to change something right?

And what about this AGP tearing? what is this all about lol. I also have an ethernet card on my motherboard...

I just need some advice from all of you "Professional OC'ers" lol.

Check my sig for system specs...

AMD 2600-m @ 2.64ghz [AQYHA]
240x11 , 1.85vcore , 3.2vdimm
DFI Ultra Infinity [fully modded]
2x256mb TwinMOS pc3700 43B
Radeon 9800Pro @ 450/370
Thermalright SP-97 + Smart Fan II
Lian Li PC-60 w/ 7 case fans [modded]
100% aircooled

looking for 260fsb ram?
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