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Re: 8RDA+ sound&memory problems?

Originally posted by chrisbard
I have a 4 speaker config. right now and beside 3d Mark 2003 sound test I cannot make any difference between front or rear speakers. For ex. I installed IGI2 and I chosed 4 speaker and also EAX but there is no difference, what I hear in front speakers I hear the same in rear. Please Help!
I'm finding it hard to think of anything much to suggest here!

I presume you went through the speaker setup wizard?

You can also try the Nvidia "test tone", If you open up the nForce Control Panel by double clicking on the "nForce Tray Options" icon in the tray. Choose the "Speaker Setup" tab, and then "Test Tone" button. This will use a voice to verify each channel is indeed correct.

I'm also presuming that you haven't enabled Dolby Surrond encoding - this is only for 4 channel systems that only have a single stereo jack.

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