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Originally posted by p0opyfac3
how could anyone like the soundstorm over an audigy? i have an audigy and 8rda+ and i pick audigy anyday.... i heard the soundstorm on my old asus a7n8xdlx and it just plain sucked.... (using digital)
Presuming you're using an AC3 digital connection, then the quality and noise issues tend to come down to your decoder. Although the APU can encode AC3 audio, it's unable to provide the decoding hints that really make AC3 shine. This is basically due to the realtime nature of the setup - AC3 done well isn't done in realtime!

Additionally, if you're comparing an Audigy running in 2 channel PCM mode to an APU running in 5.1 channel AC3 mode, you're rather comparing apples to oranges!

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