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Re: newbie overclocking questions..

#1 Unlock chip if you have any dreams about 200FSB. If not buy an 8rda MB. You will be able to hit 200 but you need to unlock your chip. Once unlocked. Relax your timing & raise the voltage to about 2.9 on the RAM. Start benching & test for stability

Originally posted by FlyingHamster
ok, Im ordering 1 stick of 512mb of pc3200 TwinMOS RAM, and I have never OC'ed past 140 FSB before. I just havent had the luck.

since im getting this ram, Im pretty sure I'll be able to get around 200 FSB. My question is, what all do I need to change in BIOS for this to work properly, wihtout having other things fail?

When I get past 166, doesnt some "PCI/AGP" or sumthin intefere (excuse me if Im wayyy off), and I need to change something right?

And what about this AGP tearing? what is this all about lol. I also have an ethernet card on my motherboard...

I just need some advice from all of you "Professional OC'ers" lol.

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