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Thumbs up VDD who? me?

Too bad i know what your runnin foo. hehehehehehe. & that i live next to you & work with you. Me & Rukus go back..Representing the OC from the dirty down south "MIA". hehehehehe.
This is for all other Xtremist who like their components like they like their meat. WELL DONE!! :beer:

Some say im crazy. But i say i am
Barton XP2500 @ 2310Mhz 220x10.5 2.050 VCore Volcano 7
8rda+ VDD Mod 2.19v
Corsair PC 3500
7-3-3 C2 Aggresive 3.05 VDim
Promise TX2000 2 40gb IBM on RAID
Albatron TI4200 Turbo VMod 330/730
Onboard sound 5.1

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