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I have an Audigy and have tested them both (soundStorm and Audigy) in my system. I ended up staying with the onboard sound.

Not only does it sound very similar, it also has the feature to activate my center channel, which was doing nothing with the Audigy. That alone was enough for me to choose the SoundStorm over the Audigy. I like to have all my speakers working, it makes a big difference.

I understand that the Audigy2 also now has the feature to emulate 5.1 to use the center channel as well through CMSS, but that feature should have been available with the Audigy as well.

I have an Extigy (USB 2.0) also and it comes with the CMSS feature for center channel. It also came out at the same time as the Audigy, so I feel Creative sold out by not adding CMSS to the original Audigy.

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