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Originally posted by Holst
You WILL blow your board up at 2.2 VDD eventually.

I dont need more than 1.85 to run 225, watercooled NB.
My system is watercooled also Holst. I was stable at 1.9, but not while gaming. The screen would flash or turn black completely. I did extensive troubleshooting and determined that I needed more Vdd voltage. I'm not running it that high by choice. I'm being forced to run it that high for stability. If I lower it to even 2.0v, it will start with the video flashing problem.

I don't just make my assumption that my PC is stable by running a few benchmarks. I use this PC for everything, from: WebDesign, using 3D apps, playing games, video editing, Internet surfing, etc... So I make sure that this thing is 100% stable by doing all of this for weeks and months!!

I have had it like this for about a month now and everything seems fine. NB and SB are cooled and temps are very low. Mosfets and VR's are also cool to the touch. So heat would not be the reason I need such high Vdd.

Find me a fix for the Video flashing above 225FSB and I'd be more than glad to lower the voltage. I didn't raise it for no reason at all...

XP2400+ @ 2485MHz (11@225) 2.15v
2x256MB Corsair XMS3500C2 3.05v (5-2-2 cas2 1T)
Epox 8RDA+ Vdd 2.15v
Radeon 9500NP SoftMod (All vmods)
Onboard Sound and LAN
SCSI 160 18Gb Seagate 15k
Adaptec 19160 Controller
Adaptec 2930 Controller
Plex 40x SCSI Reader
LiteOn 40x USB 2.0 Burner
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