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Once you have unlocked your CPU then you can start overclocking otherwise forget it cos you won’t get very far. If you got the money go for the 8RDA+ it’s an overclockers dream as it unlocks your multiplier for you.
You should be able to get a FSB of 200 with the new Ram but one of the biggest rules in oc'ing is to know what you’re doing. Your Bios is your best friend, this is where you get the right settings to overclock your PC. I.e. you got to know what voltage to put on your components and most importantly you really need to know what Ram timings to put on. Since you’re not sure I will help you. When you go to your bios in Advance Settings put your ram timings on Turbo. Since your Heatsink is pretty good put your CPU voltage to about 1.9 your ram@2.8 and your AGP@1.6.
Just keep messing with the FSB and multiplier while keeping your CPU speed no more than 200Mhz overclocked. The better your CPU the more you can go as I think I’ve told you many times before on one of your other post’s.
Finally the most important thing to remember is to keep an eye on your temps as you don’t want to burn anything ok?
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