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I just got 2 of the cpu's u ordered. 1700+ (JIUHB:0307VPMW)'s
Both of them will do 2400mhz @ 1.75 vcore on air cooling easy.
Cooling used is an slk-800 on one, and a pal-8045 on the other.
I can push mine almost to 2500mhz (slk-800) but it starts to get to hot for me.

I think u will be most pleased with yours



the 2815 imho is the best bios for the 8k3a for lower fsb performance.
if u want to try to hit higher fsb's (and u may need to, to run this new cpu of yours up to its peak)check out the 2b01 bios.

Also u may want to try to hook up on a better power supply, as 300 watts may not be enough to get a good o/c goin.

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