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well I just got the 1700+ tbred b cpu, installed it, but something seems to be weird. the temp after applying the Arctic Silver it about 120 degrees F. Is this normal? wut should the normal temp be? On my 1800+ palomino it was about 85 degrees.

Ive tried re-applying the AS three times, and everytime I get the same results? Am I doing something wrong?

*I still havent got the 512mb pc3200 if your wondering..

AMD 2600-m @ 2.64ghz [AQYHA]
240x11 , 1.85vcore , 3.2vdimm
DFI Ultra Infinity [fully modded]
2x256mb TwinMOS pc3700 43B
Radeon 9800Pro @ 450/370
Thermalright SP-97 + Smart Fan II
Lian Li PC-60 w/ 7 case fans [modded]
100% aircooled

looking for 260fsb ram?
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