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Originally posted by Liquid3D
Although at times I feel your conclusions are terse, I won't take it personally, as you don't know me personally.
The answer was terse, mainly due to the way the original post was worded.

Statements like "It occurs to me the immaturity of the AMD 166FSB processor, hasn't revealed enough of these circumstances to warrant AMD technicians and motherboard chipset makers into a collaborative research project regarding the issue, and finding a proper fix. " come across to me as overly hostile. The statement is clearly laying blame where there is no blame to place.

If the wording had been along the lines of Holst's "What I still dont unerstand is WHY this happens, nobody has ofered any sort of credible explanation as to why at CPU set to 333bus overclocks worse than a 266model...", I would have offered an answer worded differently. However, if someone wades in with all guns blazing when the issue could be dealt with in a less confrontational style, they're more likely to get short change from me. It's not that I won't answer to the best of my technical ability (unless I'm seriously annoyed, which is fairly rare). I'm not for withholding information.

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