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really no shim? my buddy told me that would be necessary.
the sticky foam.. i have some, but one side is sticky. should i put that on the back of my mobo socket?
also, my board doesnt have the 4 mounting points for a big HSF. (or block).

only the standard AMD clips..well actually they have 3 prongs on each side
it's an MSI kt3v (kt333 w/ barton support)
got any advice for me kat? possibly a guide =)

or some diagrams would help, hehe

another thing kat, would an OCZ goliath 2 SE be enough to take care of the hot side of the peltier? it's all copper, small fins, lots of them. i'll have the fan at max rpm (3500) at 44.6 CFM.
=) im assuming the peltier is close to 125~ watts
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