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Originally posted by dimmreaper
After roughly eight hours of continuous load, via folding@home, I am happy to report that no crashes were experienced at 2.22V!

I have just remove the Vcore hack and am testing again with the same config, except for the Vcore which is at the default. I'll let this run all night . . . . just to be all scientific and proper about this little experiment.

My new hypothesis? . . . . Good question, I'm having trouble making since of the "facts" as we know them. I think that it is possible that this is caused by something other than all the other theories that have been presented to date.

In any case, I hope that EPoX discovers the cause of the "problem" some seem to be experiencing, and resolves it through a BIOS update if possible, and if not through a new revision of the board or in the 8KHA2 . . . .

One trend I have been noticing throughout several forums, is that a lot of the people who are running the 8KHA+ with an XP are also running a GF3, and many are running WindowsXP as well. More work needs to be done on isolating variables. I have done my part, others need to carry on from here. If all those concerned attack a small piece of the puzzle, each sharing what is learned, we should be able to get a better picture of what is going on.
good points Jeff....We'll just have to keep after it. I do have a GeForce3 in my mix but WIn2k...not WinXP. Oh well...the search goes on. I've started to have my eye on the Abit KR7A.

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