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The last few weeks all I have played is

1) Delta Force Task Force Dagger (I like all the Delta games)

2) Unreal 2 The Awakening (Not so sure I really like this one)

I usually play a lot of Q3, Q2, Half Life, MoHAA, SOF 2 and some UT
My Rig, Antec 1040 being Modded,MSI K7N2 Delta2, XP-3200 Barton,Volcano 11 w/SmartFan, 3x512mb PC-3200, 9600 XT,
Creative Labs Inspire 5.1 (5300),Win XP Pro w/sp2

2nd Rig, MSI K7N2 Delta 2, XP-3200 Barton, Global Win CK-38 w/60mm Delta, 9600XT, XP Pro

99% of all computer problems are sitting in front of the monitor But.... so is the Solution!
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