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why do printers suck so much?

Fair enough, when they work they work.

But how many people have known a printer to work straight out of the box with no need to delve into the help files or download new drivers or read the troubleshooting part of the manual?

Of all the printers I've seen in the past 10 years, none of them have worked straight away like they're supposed to,

Old BBC Epson printers when I was in primary school - "@@@@@@@@@@@@@@" was about all they would produce

The citizen swift 24 - dot matrix. garbled text instead of anything you told it to print.

More recently a Citizen swift 123 a few years ago. Also junk.

Then a HP about 5 years ago. Inkjet but still crappy. Never printing what you want.

A brand spanking new Epson A3 at school a couple of years ago. I lost hours and hours of lesson time trying to get that thing to go properly. Sometimes it would sometimes it woudlnt.

Then a Lexmark 1100. Came with the OEM PC my mum bought. Cartridges knackered. Took forever to setup correctly after MUCH troubleshooting.

And Now, my Lexmark Z13. USB. After a few weeks I got it working properly over my network. Today printed off a text file from notepad fine. 5 minutes later try to print a bmp and the file swims happily over the network into the print spooler. Print manager says "printing". No sign of life from the printer. Click "restart" on the job - prints one line then the job gets cancelled - tells you to turn off printer.

Two printers at work in the last couple of years. As "the guy who knows all about computers" i get to have to get the things working. Had to download a 11mb file over dialup connection cos the "English" version of the printer drive was in Czech or Turkish or something - on a brand new HP Deskjet, CD driver version 1.2!

I mean in the early days, modems, sound cards, video cards were all a bit dodgy. But how is it that a single piece of technology, the printer, has consistently managed to remain unreliable for years and years? It's like you can't feel comfortable using a printer - you never know when its going to dump on you.

You click cancel printing - nothing happens. You delete the job nothing happens. Maybe this is inherent in the way windows deals with print spooling or somethng but the lag between a command and it actually being done is appauling. It's ludicrous. Even Microsoft windows networks are more reliable and easier to setup than you average printer. I know some of those listed above are only cheap BUT THAT'S NO REASON FOR THEM TO NOTHING BUT SIT THERE AND BE GREY AND PLASTIC.:devil:

Come on someone back me up here.
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