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Help ID'ing and driver-ing video capture card!

I've got quite a nice little relic here. I'm video-in lacking, and could sure use the ports on this board. However, I can't find any drivers (or even proof the company existed. Without further ado, here's what I can see on the card:

ISA 16 bit card
An RCA video port labeled OUT
an S-Video port labeled IN1
an RCA video port IN2
Silkscreened on to board: STUDIO MAGIC CORPORATION COPYRIGHT 994 (C) STUDIO MAGIC REV. ____ S/n: 005066
on back of board, the PCB says "P/N REV. A"
Now, for the chips: (Slash indicates newline on chip)
There's a TSENG ET4000AX chip, which I know is a SVGA chip.
There's a XILINX XC3042(TM)-100 chip with these additional codes on it "PC84C A23081A BYH9417"
Under a sticker with the fcc-id "LL7SM101" and the standard FCC rules conditions, there is a XILINX XC3090(TM)-100 with these writings "PQ160C/A21746A/BYH9406"
There are four chips which look to be memory, as they're all identical.
They're labelled "AAA1M304J-05/NPNX 9421 A3"
Two little socketed 8 pin DIP's (I think) labelled with the xilinx logo and the codes (different on the two chips) "1736DPC/428582" and on the other, "1765DPC/424645" (also XILINX).
Two Winbond RAMDAC's WB2C490P-80
A Motorola "MC1378FN" (some video compositor as far as I can google)
Two sets of two chips each, all in a row. One set contains TI "412 5 B 4K/ALS24BB" s and the other has TI "245 4 Q 0K/ALSA 245A" s
an ALTERA "EPM7032LC44-15T"
A couple long grey plastic things, some jumpers, and a few other smaller chips.

If you have any idea where to find a driver for this card, or any ideas or identifications of the chips that could help me find a driver, please post! If you need the info on the other chips, or want a picture of the board, just post and I'll punch them in or take one (out of time now). Thanks!
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