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"Ohh, Lexmark is da best!" said my neighbor. I didn't have the nerve to ask her opinion of it after the "nice man" from Lexmark repair picked it up for fixing when it was five months old.

From what I understand, it's normal to need an entire day to set up a new printer. My ancient HP was pretty easy until HP came out with an updated driver. What a pos! Thank goodness I had a floppy with the old driver!

That bottom of the line Deskjet worked for five years. Pretty good. And HP thanked me for buying all of the million overmuthaflockin' priced cartridges for it, too. All the way to their bank. Except for a few Canon's, inkjets are the biggest ripoff!

So I replaced it with a $200 laser printer from Samsung. So far, so good. Toner cartridges are ~$55. Not cheap. But page for page, they're half as much as black ink cartridges. And laser sounds high toned. Color laser sounds REALLY high toned. They'll be down to $500 next year. From $25000 down to $1000 in ~18 months. Amazing.
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