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Originally posted by cloasters
That bottom of the line Deskjet worked for five years. Pretty good. And HP thanked me for buying all of the million overmuthaflockin' priced cartridges for it, too. All the way to their bank. Except for a few Canon's, inkjets are the biggest ripoff!
Heh. I have an Epson Stylus Photo 870. I've had it for a while, and got annoyed with the cost of carts. I got even more annoyed as a number of people liked me to do full page colour.

My GF needed to print off a bunch of images that were underwater. I managed 17 full colour pages before the blue ran out on the cart.

Now, I don't worry. I buy ink by the bottle load, and run that into the continous system I now have. Whilst a full set of ink may cost me $70, there's so much more ink in a bottle than in a cart. Full page colour? No problem. Don't need to worry about running out of ink either. Bottles aren't cheap, but are much cheaper than buying 17 or so carts!

My favourite on printers being dumb was an older Epson printer my father has. When he tried to print certain graphs from Quicken, the Epson spooler produced a message:

"A intarnal error broke out"

And then refused to print. Nice huh?

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