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The anthropological, and social questions regarding the homosexual tendencies in the printing trade, pre-date Biblical times. It is thought by many social anthropologists, "printers" were usually men whom were physically inferior to their counterparts of the times. Their lack of physical strength, or small stature prevented them from performing the physically demanding trades of the day, including joining the standing army, farming, masonary, and of course laborers. The rudimentary printing trade of ancient Sumner (considered to be the first true civilization by anthrpological criteria) was well suited to those with an effeminate dexterity. These men (as women were considerd unsuitable for such positions due to religious restrictions) fufilled a crucial function as one of the criteria for civilization is a written language. Their ability to carve minute detail into the stone pieces which were used (among a number of methods) to then transfer natural dies, was considered a position which garnered great reverance. These men actually enjoyed an elevated social status. One reason men were so crucial as opposed to women, was the religious implications. As the religion of anceint Sumner revolved around a male dominated Priest hiearchy, women were not even granted access to the Temples of the day. In fact the only function women played was tragically that of a sacrificial one, and only virgins at that. So while we cannot begin to elaborate on the sexual preferences of these, the first "printers"; we can confrim that as tradition gioes, many remnants are carried into the 21st Century. Ergo, printers may indeed "suck", but that is not to say they do not fufill a very important societal function beyond their sexual habits. It would not only be ethnocentric to judge this most private behavior, but egocentric as well.
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