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Typical of anthropological "Ax-grinding". All these provincial quibblers seem to have an agenda!

Have they never seen a stone carvers hands and arms? Early printing was laborious and unlikely to attract the infirm in my view. When did dexterity become effeminate?

Have these people never thumb wrestled!??

Far more likely "sucking" came to be associated with printers due to the unfair blame heaped upon them due to the contents provided by beverage makers and their requisite straws.

As is the case today printers were dependent upon advertising dollars and though they controlled the presses were unable to speak out and set the record straight...until today!

That they are seen as Homosexual was just wishful thinking on the part of ink fetishers, a group of people deem illiterate by some authorities, but inexplicably draw to wet ink. Thus giving rise to the expression,

"Before the ink was dry!"

However these people were protected from public scrutiny due to their role as paperboys (note the diminishing gender qualifier "Boys")

They were in fact however comprised of both sexes and Identified by the basic black they wore even when nude. This was not, in point of fact, a religious experience so much as a commercial undertaking.

(I site as reference the ancient text of Boloniyia which clearly reads:

"Inky dinky kinky do")

An obvious reference to both the work ethic of the day and ingrained preference for the wet and black inks commonly in use at the time through out the region.

To explore these matters at length please see my up coming book on the subject,

"Ink, printer and the organized press, a look between the lines"
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