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Of course my essay was no more then a satire on the "European/Early American" anthropologist's ethnocentricity. And I would most certainly, personally concur with the view these MEN of ancient Sumner, were in fact not only strong in the sense stone carving developed muscle tone, but were among the most intelligent among their kind. Their proximity to the written word, with which man has learned to abstract, is but the foundation of philosophic thought. In fact if it were not for these pioneers in the art's, and sciences we would not enjoy life as we know it. Our culturally diverse and rich world is but a branch form that sturdy trunk, upon which remains the mark of ancient man/women-kind. It is their labors, their sacrifices, which makes our lives so comfortable. In fact the abstraction through written language led to mathematical computation (although it's arguable which preceeded the other), without which I'd be flapping burlap over an awfully big pile of burning debree to communicate with those of you across the pond. Do we not stare up at the same constellations? Do we not breath the same oxygen? Are we not the same, flesh, blood, heart, and soul? Our intellect's cradled within this flesh, struggling to integrate? Ah the "mind-body" theory, albeit solved for over 60 years I still struggle to think I am but a physiochemical machine. That my mind the ultimate trickster, misleads me into thinking my thoughts are ethereal, deviod of physical form? I know now I am a mosaic of efferent and affrerent impulses travlleing from sensory organs, to particualr parts of my brain, processed, and exiting through simliar organs (unless I hold my tongue, but B.F. Skinner would argue)? Are the Behaviorists, reductionists, materialists correct? In my head reside so many homunculi-headed robots? I belive it's true, that I am but the weight strength ratios between synaptic clefts, and their firing frequency. And were it not for those first "printers" I would not be capable of expressing this.
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