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[these are what im playin atm]

Soldier Of Fortune 2, good 3d shooter a fun play, there isnt too many q3 nade/rpg servers on there either or too many aimbotters, but if ur a "player" thats a u'uhm q3 pro there's servers for u aswell.
multiplayer demo @

Morrowind+Tribunnal, this will show ur OC off, probably one of the best single player rpg's of all time aslong as u make it challenging for urself and dont take advantage of easy ways to level urself up and the overpowerful weopons on offer, 5 years to create the story and the game suposedly, it has a good complex story and a long play, play it dont read what the story's about, no demos for that

GTA3, was'nt to keen on gta but i saw the vice city advert it reminded me 70's scarface feeling, as it aint out on pc yet some bloke in chat said check this instead, pretty cool game

Age Of Mythology, i kinda find the crap surounding mythology intresting but hated the thought that Age Of Empires 2 (without the "players" who just used siege weopons) was gunna get corupted with mythical units, but its alot better ballanced than AOE2, and more likeable than warcraft3 with the exception of grom hellscreem and some of the custom maps

UT2k3, instagib and UT instagib (even though i aint played UT in ages, and hardly play UT2k3 :P) still the'll be loads of good mods for this tidy little engine

Counterstrike, still a half decent game, kinda fading away now though

GOTTA check out the new MMORPG'S thats are coming out soon, cant remember their names but i know there's aload of BIG good ones coming soon

[old timers and good games ive enjoyed, of few of my fav's] in no order of prefrence

total war (medieval/shogun)

syndicate classic

xcom terror from the deep

monkey island 1/2

under a killing moon

diablo/diablo2+lod, HC (before bnet let things get outa hand and i held my place as one of the top HC euro ladder players)

mechwarrior 3

age of empires 2




half life



neverwinter nights


quake 1



grand prix 2


and others

2600+ (IQYHA 0433), DFI infinity rev.A
2*256MB XMS3500 bh-5, R9800pro
CoolerMaster atc-200, Enermax 350watt psu
Maxtor 40GB 2MB fireball3 HD, Toshiba sd-r 1202 cd-r/dvd rom combo drive
Creative Audigy2 connected upto modded seperates
LG 915ft plus 19" monitor@1600-1200 @85hz
Logitech duel optical mouse USB, Win XP pro SP2
DD maze3/swiftech mcw20a/asetek gpu/l30/escort rad (all 1/2")

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