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BTW, I did just get a copy of Systemworks 2001... when I get the new system up next week I WILL keep a known good image on hand... nice to have bootable CD too...
Systemworks saved my ass once too. This is pathetic, but what I did was:

After I began having problems in Winblows ME, I reloaded the machine with 2K PRO. When I loaded 2K, I thought... what the hell, lets go for that NTFS file system... sounds good to me.

Well, when I decided that 2K was behaving even worse, I booted to a the ME floppy, ready to give ME another go.

I had to format the hard drive, because ME doesn't read NTFS. A:\ FORMAT C:

Figured it out yet?

Well, the ME disc didn't see the "C" partition, because it was NTFS. I was actually formatting my "D" partition, which is where I kept my "not backed up in over 2 yrs." 9 gig MP3 collection. GONE, alll GONE. 2500+ songs... countless hours of hacking stupid college kids' computers and swiping their whole collection... GONE.. The only way I could possibly get any of them back would be to call my evil ^$%&* ex-fiance`. She had the last backup, which was only 1500 songs or so.

I got lucky, though... systemworks can undo a FULL FORMAT. Now that is godlike power. *L*
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