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As for the sound well get a life.
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Get a life? have I done for you to say that? All I wanted to do was to make this issue known so that people are AWARE. Epox are hardly going to tell you that their new motherboard uses inferior onboard sound that will slow your games down 10%.

As for Toms Hardware, yes I know they're not exactly the best review site out there, but they're not the only one to show the NForce 2's APU being superior to everything else in games.

I'm looking at an a7n8x deluxe and I sure would rather have the epox board. You can tell the quality difference just by looking at it.
And? What's this got to do with anything? I wouldn't touch **** with a big stick anyway. I realise that Epox boards are generally higher quality, but I definitely wont be purchasing an 8RDA3+ solely on the grounds if has inferior sound processing that WILL slow my games down. AND, as you can see, NO sound card is going to fix this as the NForce 2 APU is the best there is! So what you said about it not being a big deal is RUBBISH!
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