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Originally posted by Paul.K
Hi guys,

I've finally given up the ghost with this board and its Vcore mod. I just have to accept that this board will not allow a Vcore greater than 2.08volts. This is what I tried the weekend......

1) I have everything out of my case, then I proceeded to do the Vcore mod (like yours dimmreaper) using 1/4watt resistors 200,220,238and 240Kohm values respectively. Soldiered the resistor directly to pin2 and earthed it off the motherboard clamping ring. But the board gave up the ghost at 2.09volts evening with a heatsink and chipset fan on the VREG chip.

2) I then tried different combinations of resistors with my AMD Athlon 1.4Ghz in place but it too had the same disappointing result.

3) Had a old 8Mb AGP sparkle GPU so I pleased that into my
system instead but no go.

4) I even reformat and placed 98SE but still no go.....

5) Tweaked with bios changed memory etc.....

Damn board it wont put out 2.2 volts Vcore..............

Thats the end of my testings.....looks like I'm getting the Abit KR7A ......................

similiar findings here with similiar troublshooting techniques. I'm looking forward to the KR7A as well. The new Asus KT266A board is out right now. The cool thing about that one is that it supports the XP's onboard thermal diode. I've only seen a couple of reviews so far, and I'm trying to find info on voltage modifications to that board.

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