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Really? And your getting 46C at 1.85V? Umm, maybe their's more head-room, then I thought. Have you thought of taking her higher? Now I'm sort of confused, becasue I just ordered a JIUHB:0307 AXDA1700DUT3C, for $60, $70 shipped 3-day from West Coast,  but my original thought was to go Barton 2500 for $132, shipped 3-day $142?       &nb sp;       &nbsp ;        & nbsp;       &nb sp;       &nbsp ;        & nbsp;   
(1.) 2.4C@3.6GHz 300FSB, SLK900U/Vantec Tornado 92mm/119CFM, Abit IS7-E, 1GB OCZ GolD Dual Channel 3700, Tyan G9700 Pro, PCPower&Cooling 400W
(2.) JIUHB1700, Prometeia, Soltek 75FRN2-L, 1GB OCZ EL-PC3700, Leadtek Winfast A250, ANTEC 480W

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