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Argg Fried my 1700+ CPU

Just received my 1700+ DLTC3 JIUHB 308SPMW today to replace my unclockable 2000+ Palomino.

When i started it up i sudden smelt a buring smell coming form my pc, so i quickly switched it off and opended the case to find the smell coming for the 1700+

Although i did not reset the cmos to default, the voltage for the 2000+ was at 1.75v, and the 1700+ Tbred can handle that voltage right??

when i try to start the pc with the 1700+ my Epox 8k3a+ does not boot and there is no post, but my fans and hard disk are running :/

When pit in my 2000+ the pc boots up fine, so i guess the cpu is dead, and i need to RMA it.

now i'm worried when i receive my replacement 1700+ the same thing is gonna happen :/

you guys think its because i did not reset the cmos to default or is it something else??
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