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WOW 2.6GHz! You must be using phase-change?

I'd tell your friend building his system to run the Radeon 9500, I'm almost positive it'll not only surpass the GF4 Ti in benchmark's, but the visual qualities (most important in my view) are incredible in this ATI series. And with the BIOS upgrades, and sftware mods available, he'll be able to acheive 9700 performance levels (at least in theory). Actually I've always preferred ATI visually to nVidia's graphics. Although their nForce2 motherboard's AGP/Twinbank architecure did wonders for my Tyan Tachyon G9700 Pro. When I transferred the card from my KT400 based 8K9A to my 8RDA I not only picked up an immediate 3,000 3DMark2001SE points, but the visual quality improved as well! 
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