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Re: >165MHz FSB

Originally posted by EPoX Tech
I helped out in a thread in the EPoX section whereby I tried to assist a few people in getting a few more MHz out of the FSB and to my surprise managed 165MHz myself as displayed in the picture here on a normal 8KHA - not 8KHA+.

Can anyone achieve greater than this, I love seeing this kind of thing from enthusiasts. Please place here your own FSB's that you are proud of wether they be greater or lesser than mine in WCPUID format.

I used 1.85 Vcc, 2.90VDimm and Turbo- final 1T timings
Ok I am proud of this overclock!

1.2@1.44 1.85v
memory voltage @ 2.8v
memory settings - 8862222

1.2 Tbird
1-256g PC2100 Crucial
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