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Hit the "Pause" button while you see the first BIOS screen. The BIOS's ID #'s are at the bottom or top left corner of the screen. To continue booting after seeing the numbers, hit "Enter."

There is a problem with the BIOS, but it's nothing to do with its version. You're asking the OS on your HDD to interface with a brand new BIOS. The OS on your hard drive was built upon the foundation of the BIOS of your P3 mainboard. Big difference!

At this stage, I suggest fdisking and reformatting your HDD. This is something that needs to be done when you pull the rug out from under the OS files on the hard drive, which you've done by replacing the mainboard.

This can be avoided by preparing the HDD for a mobo change by removing all the drivers right before shutting down the box for the last time with the old mainboard, beforehand. In theory, at any rate.

As you don't seem to have a CD-ROM drive handy atm, your new mainboard is pretty much unusable. I seriously suggest investing in a new 350W + PS that's on AMD's approved for Athlon list. P3's are mild mannered "reporters" in their demand for current. Not true of Durons/T-Birds and Athlon XP's! And yes, I feel your pain 'cause I have to do the same before putting a T-Bird or Palomino on my mainboard.
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