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Thanks for the help guys

I do have a CDROM in my PC, i just dont have a win2k CD to reinstall the operating system from.

I do have a copy of the CD on my HDD but i cant run the setup from dos.

Ive tried reinstalling from win2k boot disks but it needs a CD copy to work and wont accept my HDD copy.

I think my PSU will be fine for running ther duron at stock speeds, although i will but a better PSU once i upgrade to a athlon. Im about to finish building watercooling too although im using a taisol 760 at the moment.

So it looks like im going to have to reinstall win2k.
How should i go about doing this.

The only way i can think of is to install win95 (that i have on CD) to my backup drive. Then run the win2k setup from win98. Then delete win95 once im done. Thats not a very nice way to go about it.

Can anybody offer any other suggestions on how to reinstall without having to resort to win95.

Thanks again
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Best of luck in the future all my friends.
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