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Interesting Nforce2 Nvidia article

I found the following article very relevent to the type of questions I have with my Epox 8RDA+ motherboard. Here is the link:

A quick summary, directly quoted:

"All NVIDIA SPP chips are capable of supporting a 400MHz FSB. That doesn't mean the motherboard can support it. "

"NVIDIA has a BIOS that cleans up a lot of the "noise" and would allow some older boards to hit 400FSB. However, it is still up to the board maker if they are going to use that BIOS and validate their board for official 400FSB support."

"NVIDIA wants to accelerate their driver releases for the system. They definitely want to have WHQL at least once a quarter, and will most likely try to have other releases once a month."

"NVIDIA is working on a new tool that would wind up listing the drivers installed. It would also list memory timings, frequencies, FSB, WCPUID info, and give you some tweaks. You can use the tweaking portion if the BIOS supports those options and the motherboard hardware supports those options - voltage, multiplier, etc"

"Power consumption has been reduced from 4.2 watts to about 3 watts in the latest stepping of the chipset. The little silver circle (heat slug) in the middle has gone, so the chip is now totally flat.

Some interesting stuff revealed there !

PS - I can't find nforce 2.03 drivers on nvidia's website anymore??
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