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Originally posted by jimbobaggies
All I know is, for them to allow some boards to be of better quality and allow you to run 200fsb is underhand. Basically they're selling two different boards for the same price, ...


Look at it this way, * ALL * of the 8rda+ mobos are guaranteed to meet their RATED SPECS. The 8RDA+ was never rated for 400 FSB, look at the specs. If Epox continues to improve their product (as I would hope all companies do) that's a good thing.

Now that may mean that somebody who just bought their board MAY get a board that actually is able to run better than the rated specs. That does NOT mean that anybody else was "ripped off".
Your board may be "better" than somebody else's who bought their board last month.

If your board does not meet rated specs, get an RMA replacement. If it does meet rated specs, but you are unhappy with the performance, buy a board with higher specs.

There is no reason to bash a company for improving their products right?
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