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You are sort of wrong... and sort of not.

If you were moving a single 768mb block of data then the last 256 would be forced into the 512 stick only... single channel.

But thats not how things happen in real life.

If you are moving small its of data (even bit games textures are small compared to 512mb of ram) they will on the whole use both sticks in dual channel mode even when total memory usage is more than 512mb. The memory controller is very clever and can use both channels in a very efficent way..

Remember that the real bandwith bottlneck is the CPU itself not the memory.... so any slight drop in ineficency through running mis-matched sticks will be unoticable.

there isnt a "single bank" stick and a "dual bank stick" there are just two banks and two memory controllers both working in parralell. The type of memory you have dosent matter at all... so called "dual bank corsair" is identical to there single stick modules once there running in the machine. The only advanage of the "dual chennel packs" is having two identical sticks with the same SPD timings.
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