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just to make sure i'm understanding this correctly, dual channel is always the first preference, and single channel will not take effect until after 512MB of ram is used up. right?

i don't quite understand what you meant by the bits of data stuff. say i'm playing a game like Mafia, and have the task manager open. I might see something like 400MB of physical memory being used up, and this would mean it is operating in dual channel. However, if it says (imagine lol) 650MB is being used up, what should I assume? that both dual and single channel are working simultaneously?

also, sorry if i didn't explain it better, but i didn't mean those dual packs that come with two memory sticks. here, i'll show you what i mean (just read the first sentence describing the memory):

God help me, I've been known to have a deficiency in comprehension skills .
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