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Re: 8RGA+ - great board

Originally posted by Epox Maniac
Just switched from RDA+ to RGA+.
Great results occured.
Can do 215FSB superstable with onboard GF4MX enabled.
Many people say that it is not possible, but in my case it works flawlessly.
3D Mark 2001 score - 5100 3D Marks.
With my RDA+ I could do only 200FSB with the same setup.
Now I can sell my GF4Ti 4200, I don`t need it anymore.

Only drawback are voltages. I have to pump 0.1V Vcore more than RDA+ to get it stable.
Comparison of voltages on RDA+ and RGA+:

12V 12.30 11.70
5V 4.89 5.05

The power MOSFETS on 8RGA+ are giving quite opposite voltages than 8RDA+.
you say your going to sell your 4200 but the on board isnt going to touch the ti???
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