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Adding a Z-Chipset block?


I am planning to buy a DangerDen Water setup and also buying the Z-Chipset block for my NB. My question is that the water passing through the Chipset Block will come straight after passing through the Water Block so the water will be warm after sucking the heat form my CPU, but will it be enough to cool my NB sufficently or shall i stick with my Zalman NB Cooler.

I am planning to config the cooling set up in this order..

Pump Out > Tube > W/B In > W/B Out > Tube > Z-Chipset In > Z-Chipset Out > Tube > Rad In > Rad Out > Tube > Pump In.

is this set up ok? And do i need the Eheim 1250 pump for this config or will the 1048 pump do the job.

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