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Free AOA Case Badges!

AOA Case Badges quote:

A good number of people have had a hand bringing about the creation of our new and presently available AOA Forums case badges. I would like to thank them all... OK I've already thanked them all... But I want to thank them all where everyone can see me thanking them all... I thank you all! ":O}

BTW Thanking everyone is about all I personally have had to do with this, But Staff has been untiring in their efforts to bring them to you!

They decided that we would really like you ALL to have at least one, so they are priced accordingly! They are retailing To our U.S.and Canadian members for the everyday low price of one self addressed and stamped envelope mailed to our U.S and Canadian distribution outlet.

Please *NOTE*
Our Canadian members will need to get an IRC!

( Just P.M. CLOASTERS here in the forums to have him tell you where to send your self addressed and stamped envelope!)

Once he receives your SASE he will mail it back to you with your AOA Forums Case Badges! When mailing to cloasters please indicate the number of badges you would like to receive.

(Limit of three (3) to a member. If you want more than that, wait a month and try again with a new envelope)

But what about our highly valued European contingent!??

Did you really think we could ever forget you or your contribution to AOA? ":O}

P.M. ALLAN in the forums to receive case badges in the Big E.!

*There are limitations to the requests sent to Allan: NO UK residents! European Members must send him Self Addressed Envelopes with an IRC. Period! ONLY Danish Members can send Allan a SASE.*

We had hoped this would be easier for our European members, but we simply could not persuade the governments involved to change the way they mess up our international mail!

For UK members please send a stamped addressed envelope too

UK AOA case badges
1 Brockhurst Ave
LE10 2HG

We're trying to keep everyone's costs down by setting up regionally.

AOA Staff sincerely hopes that you will enjoy these badges! This is their way of saying thank you to all our membership, their patronage and continued support for AOA.

I would like to note that it is Staff who have born costs of bringing these badges to you!
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