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sound slike your config file got screwed up

do this

uninstall.... reinstall..... update to 1.006 .... then do all the setup stuff like changes your keys around .... and set your name .... etc etc.... then go into your c:\sierra\counterstrike\cstrike folder

and look for the file named config.cfg right click on this file and check the box that says read only

sometimes admins will access your config file and screw stuff up for you....

then again i think my cfg is still stock so i can send you mine if you wanna try to see if it works... but i had to reinstall just fyi

making the config.cfg file "read only" will stop anyone from changing the settings permanently.... they may change it on you while in game.. but all you will have to do is exit the game and come back

postal... send me a message on aim and ill send you that file
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