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Might be a bit late this, but ....

CounterStrike (Halflife Mod)
Sven Co-op (Halflife Mod)
Team Fortress Classic (Halflife Mod)
Unreal Tournament (The orgional)

Yes ... all old games ... my current set-up refuses to run anything more graphically intensive .. go on, a big 'awwwww' for me :/

Main - (XP2000+ (stock), Asus A7V333 (someone has to :P), GeForce2MX440 (soon to be upgraded), 256MB PC2700 Panasonic DDR, 40GB 8MB Cache Western Digital HDD, 550W Q-Tek Dual Channel PSU);

Second - (1200mHz Thunderbird, 265PC2100 DDR RAM, 80GB 7200RPM IBM HDD, GeForce4MX440 GFX (yes, all three are MX* , Chaintek Apogee 7VJL);

Server - (800mHz Duron, 768MB PC133 RAM, 20GB Western Digital HDD, GeForce2MX200, K7S5A(totally stable), Running RedHat 9 as my trusty server)

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